Data Protection Scams

Whenever small businesses have to comply with new laws, the scamsters will jump in and profit by exploiting people's ignorance of what they need to do to comply.

Posted May 2002 / Updated Oct 13th 2004

If you hold personal data on people you may need to notify the data protection register. This costs 35. All the information you need is available here:

Unfortunately there are a number of predatory companies sending out official looking letters stating that you must notify and fill out the form enclosed. The fees are often in the hundreds of pounds and some have taken fees, then not even notified the Data protection register!

Thanks in part to the Information commisioner and in part to your submissions, this is the list of names to watch our for.

Press coverage: Daily Mail 4 March 2002

What should you do if you are contacted by one of these companies

The authorities are well aware of these scams, however if you are contacted by anyone trading under a name not listed above please let the Information Commissioner's Office know on 01625 545 745 (or email

Even if the company is on the list you should notify your local trading standards (number in telephone directory) and request that they contact their counterparts in the place the company is trading from.

Also send a copy of letter you receive along with a compliments slip to:

Michelle Vaughan,
Misleading Advertising Unit,
OFT, Fleet Bank House,
2-6 Salisbury Square,

If the company is *Not* on the list above please submit details to
Please Include:
Unfortunately these scams exist solely as a result of our ignorance. Whenever new legislation is introduced that affects small firms the predators are there, seeing how we can be duped. For that reason you should also consider contacting your local press and any trade magazines you subscribe to. Speak to trading standards, they may be more than willing to do a joint press release. Forewarning companies of scams is our number one tool in defeating them

As with any scam, if you can be bothered, please waste their time, ploys such as sounding interested and getting them to keep ringing back can brighten up a dull day in the office!

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