New Contracts from the E.C.G., S.L.

Industrie En Handel 2006 / Commerce Et Industrie 2006

Page Originally Published 3rd Feb 2006

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Here we go again......The European City Guide are mailing contracts under a new name, but not much else has changed, the layout is almost identical to the contracts mailed under their own name which have lead to thousands of complaints , critical press coverage and questions being asked in the European Parliament.


  1. Contracts Used
  2. Advice if receive it in the post
  3. Advice if you have signed
The New Contracts
It was probably inevitable that the ECG would do this, an internet search for their name reveals that they are so heavily criticized as to have their own section on the dmoz Open Directory Project! When your name is that reviled it's probably time to ply your trade under a new name!

The contracts we have seen thus far is in Dutch and French, trading under the name and address:

E.C.G., S.L.
Martinez Cubells, 6, 4° pta.8

The new directory is called
(In Dutch)
Industrie En Handel, 2006 - Register Zakelijke Informatie
(In French)
Commerce Et Industrie 2006 - Registrie Des Affaires

We await the English Language Version!

If you get their letter (warning and advice)
Then you are presumably reading this page because you wanted to check it out before returning it... We maintain an archive of ECG mailshots, so please scan it and send us a copy (Preferably in jpg or PDF format). If you consider it to be misleading then please Send letters of complaint as it is vital we alert the authorities quickly to this change of name.

If you have received this contract AND you consider it to be misleading please write a letter of complaint and send it to all of the following addresses.

Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please explain why in your own words.

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.

Regional Authority of Valencia

Dirección General de Comercio (Regional Government of Valencia)
Mr. Gregorio Lleó Alamá
C/ Colón, 32
46004 Valencia

Tel. 0034 96 3869608
Fax. 0034 96 3869642

central coordinating body

Instituto Nacional del Consumo
(Ms. Lourdes Dietta)
C/ Principe de Vergara 54
E-28006 Madrid

Mayor of Valencia

Dña. Rita Barberá Nolla
Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1
46002 Valencia
Phone: 00 34 96 352 5478

Spanish Self Regulatory Authority

Asociación para la Autorregulación de la Comunicación Comercial (Autocontrol)
Conde de Peñalver, 52,
1º D, E - 28006 MADRID,
Tel: +34 91 309 66 37
Fax: +34 91 402 98 24

Advice if you have signed

StopECG accept that you may have signed this contract in full knowledge of the 937 Euros Per Annum that is likely to be demanded from you. However if you are reading this because you did not realise that a fee was expected you need to write immediately to the 4 addresses above and file official complaints.

We also recommend you go to the Main ECG Page and write all the letters we suggest for those in dispute with the European City Guide.

More Soon....

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