Jan 2006, Injunction sought against Construct Data Publishers Verlag AG

Updated advice for those in dispute with this company

Posted 6th feb 2006, Last Updated 14th Feb 2006

DISCLAIMER This website is in no way affiliated or assoaciated with the Construct Data Publishers Verlag AG / Fairguide. (CDV) This is a non-commercial website established in Opposition to all companies that profit from the mailing of misleading contracts.
StopECG is not responsible for the content of external sites which we link to. The advice not to pay CVV is given on the understanding that you signed their contract in error, the information given here should not be used as an excuse for non-payment if you knowingly entered into an agreement.

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The Austrian Schutzverband gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb (Protective Association against Unfair Competition) are not a government agency, it is an association representing the interests of the chamber of commerce in Austria, however it has acted successfully in the past against the European City Guide, in a case which protected Austrian companies from the ECG’s misleading mailshots

Read their press release on the court action against Fairguide here:
(The English section is below)

StopECG notes on this case

This case has profound implications for those in dispute with Construct Data because if the injunction is successful it will stop Construct Data from collecting debts from misleading contracts mailed in the past. It is for this reason that we strongly advice companies in dispute with Construct Data to Refuse To Pay, at the very least until the outcome of this case is known. It must be understood that this case may not override civil action between Construct Data and a company in dispute with them

You may notice that the press release comments on the difficulty in bringing this case because in their words ‘Construct Data only operates abroad’. I.e. the forms are not sent to Austrian firms. Were they sent within the national borders there is little doubt they would have been ruled as misleading and the activity prevented. The fact that Construct Data send them only across borders is in our opinion evidence that the company KNOWS its forms are misleading and uses the cross-border loophole in the law to seek to profit from the fact that people will sign in error.

We would also ask that victims of construct Data’s activities to ensure they file all letters of complaint detailed on the main page, and keep all your correspondence on file.

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