Nodots internet service

complaints of misleading invoices

Posted September 2002

Currently the status is that people have complained that the selling tactics of this company are potentially misleading.

The problem is that the advertising letters sent by Nodots contain an invoice and it would be possible for companies to mistakenly pay for a service they have not signed up for.

The company claims that a covering letter explains the invoice but have also admitted that some invoices were sent without the letter. Full details here:

The service they offer is a "Qname" where Internet users can find you by typing a single word into their browser address bar. Thus could be reduced to simply stopecg.

There is a rub, for this to work, the user must download and install a piece of software onto their computer, so if you purchase the service you will not automatically reach all Internet users. We have no information at this time as to how many users have downloaded the software.

If you receive a mailshot from Nodots
First and foremost contact local trading standards
Why: Different local Trading standards work together and the more people write in, the better picture they will have. If they feel there is a problem, they will then act. This advice holds true for selling tactic you feel is misleading.
How: You can find your local contact from Their website or by phoning your local council. You do not need to write a letter, a phonecall will do it.

There are 2 other bodies that may be interested in the letter. Remember to include a copy of the letter and explain why you feel it to be misleading

Advertising Standards Authority (Can only rule on adverts from UK Companies, so may not act in this case.
Advertising Standards Authority
2 Torrington Place

Telephone: 020 7580 5555
Fax: 020 7631 3051

Office Of Fair Trading
Telephone: 08457 22 44 99

General Advice for larger companies regarding misleading invoices
Small firms usually identify adverts that look like invoices, however medium and larger businesses are vulnerable unless failsafe measures are taken to ensure that all invoices paid by accounts are genuine. It is a source of frustration that some scams using misleading invoices profit from this simple loophole.

An order slip should be made out for all purchases and checked against invoices when they are paid. This simple precaution will potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

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