Please send us scam contracts + printed guides

OK, it may sound a little geeky to want to collect examples of scams and misleading contracts but actually this appeal has a very serious purpose. These contracts have developed and changed over the years, at present there is no documentation of this.

What We Want
We are looking for Any misleading contract, that was sent by post, faxed to you or brought into your company by a salesperson. The older, the better, it is the older contracts that are most poorly documented! We are also looking for associated debt collection letters and old copies of the printed guides and directories that accompanied these contracts. If the books are heavy we are willing to pay your postage costs.
We are after documents in any language

These contracts are the sort of thing that are quite likely to remain in your filing cabinet for years, especially if a bill was disputed; so please check, and if you find any, send them over.

Why We Want Them
There are 2 main reasons for this appeal:
How To Get Them To Us
Ideally we would ask that you part with your 'treasured' documents and post them to:

20 Bracecamp Close,
Ormesby St Margaret,
Great Yarmouth,
NR29 3PR,

Alternatively please scan them and save as a Jpeg (.jpg) image, then email the scan. If you have a lot of documents, please send a few at a time!

Other info
Did you ever work for a scam guide company?
If so, we are not interested in you, but we would like to know all you can tell us about the company, how they operated, the percentage of victims who paid Etc.. If so, please email

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