Article about the European City Guide (ECG) in the Daily Mirror, 25th September 2003

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IF you're going to rip off businesses across Europe, best not do it from Barcelona.

Thousands of companies know to their cost about the revolting swindle run by European City Guide. It sent junk mail that appeared to offer free entry into a business directory. But small print committed victims to paying up to 1,455 for three entries. In four years, 3,500 businesses from 40 European countries complained. In June 2001 we urged victims to contact the Office Of Fair Trading, which had joined forces with Spanish regulators to try to smash the operation. The Catalan authorities have now done just that, shutting down European City Guide.

The bad news is that the ban only runs for a year. The good news is that the crooks have been fined 300,000 - that's more than 200,000

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