Getting Press Coverage

This page was written in reference to the European City Guide, however the advice is valid for any guide you have a dispute with!

Getting press coverage is a frontline weapon in stopECG's Campaign, If people see articles warning them about these guides they are much less likely to sign in error. Journalists and editors want local interest stories and if firms in your area are vulnerable you have a story. It's that simple!

The press are just like us, busy. The more you do to prepare a story for them the more likely they are to use it! I recommend phoning the pressroom of your local paper(s) and getting hold of a journalist who you can then remain in contact with. If you have everything he/she needs to write a story and can email or fax it right over they are more likely to run with it. Send it over and follow up, a phone call checking that it all arrived OK is enough.
If you are really to busy consider just phoning your local press desks and hoping that they will pick up on the story.

Tip: Choose a quiet time, when there are no big local news stories

Who to Contact
All the above will be listed in your local yellow Pages you can also try the Newspaper society (Go to the links page).

If you have the time, make a press release

This can really help, a press release is better than a plain fax or phonecall.
The newsroom gets loads of these and you want yours to stand out.

try to:
You should also include a page of "Notes for Editors"
This really helps as it saves the newsroom work and makes them more likely to write a full story. In the Editors notes, give the paper leads so that they can make phonecalls without having to do too much research!
For the Most basic Editors notes, simply copy the 3 pieces of info below and add your own contact details. (If oyu are complaining about a guide other than the ECG, Please remember to amend the detaisl!) Read on for more tips!

Go on the website of the guide that has affected you, contact other firms in your area and see if they would be willing to be interviewed, if they are, put their details in the Editors notes. Short of time, at least ensure that notes include the webpage of the guide + a comment that there are other local firms listed there.
  1. Contact info for the European City Guide
    European City Guide, S.L.
    Martinez Cubells, 6, 4 pta.8
    Tel : +34 902 36 34 70
    Fax : +34 902 36 34 71

  2. Authorities in Valencia
    Tel. 0034 96 3869608
    Fax. 0034 96 3869642

  3. Opposition websites: (Ph 0774 7792203) (Italian) (French) German
More Tips: The following require a bit of research on your part but will improve the stories chances of being included.
Contact your local Trading standards Officer (Just call them up and get a number for their press officer, include this in your editirs notes)
Contact other businesses listed in the guide from your area, (For The ECG, Go to and look them up). If you really want to go for it, phone them up, get their personal stories and see if they would be willing to be interviewed by the paper. (If you do this, Please tell them about this website!)

That's about it, Good Luck!

If you get a feature in your local press, please scan it (as jpg or pdf, at 150DPI or higher) and Email it to us for inclusion in the Press Archive

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