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DISCLAIMER This website is in no way affiliated or assoaciated with the Intercable Veralg AG. This is a non-commercial website established in Opposition to all companies that mail potentially misleading contracts and who refuse to cancel such contracts when they are disputed.
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  1. Basic Company Info
  2. Advice if you are Pursued for money
  3. Specific note for Czech readers
  4. Research and background
  5. Support Email List
Basic Company Info

Intercable is the oldest active company discussed here, it can be traced back to the 1980s. The area of operation is primarily in the countries of the former soviet block.

Up until the end of 2003, Intercable used Ovag International AG, to collect money on their behalf, since the end of 2003 this job has fallen to the new debt collection companies.

Contact Info
Intercable Verlag AG
Im Boesch 37
P.O.Box 248
CH - 6331 Huenenberg
TEL.: +41 (0)41 7842161
FAX: +41 (0)41 7842181

Advice if you are receiving demands for money

To Pay or not to pay

For legal reasons StopECG cannot issue advice either generally or to individuals on the issue of whether you should part with money based on the document you have signed. All we can do is appraise you of the situation as it stands and allow you to make up your own mind. We hope the notes below are of assistance.
  1. Intercable has many companies on its books who have, or are disputing the validity of its contracts.
  2. As far as we can ascertain no one who has refused to pay has ever been taken to court (Except In The Czech Republic). Court action has often been threatened both by the guide and the associated debt collection companies. Threats can be very direct and urgent but in every case we have followed the threats have passed without court action occurring.
Note: The Swiss Government are aware of the activities of Intercable Verlag AG and have posted a warning in several languages

If you are unhappy with Intercable you need to file the relevant letters of complaint. Remember, the more letters you write the more likely it is that people will take note
Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please breifly explain why

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.

Contact the Swiss Authorities

Why: Seco has launched a criminal investigation into 3 related companies. They are also collecting all correspondance with this Intercable Verlag AG.
How: Please follow the notes in the red box above, Keep your letter as simple as possible.
Enclose photocopies of all your correspondence with the Intercable Verlag AG.

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco)
Legal Affairs
Effingerstrasse 1
3003 Berne

Fax: + 41 31 324 09 56

additional information for UK readers
UK Residents are also asked to write to the Swiss Embassy, send all your evidence direct to the Ambassador and include a covering note explaining how (If) you have found the experience distressing.

Alexis P. Lautenberg (Ambassador),
Embassy of Switzerland,
16-18 Montagu Place,

Tel 0044 20 7616 6000
Fax 0044 20 7724 7001

Going to the Press
Why: Getting articles in the local press will forwarn others about contracts they may recieve in the post.
How: Getting an article into the local press is surprisingly easy More..

Contact Your National Self Regulation Organisation
Why: Self Regulation Organisations (SROs) Enforce responsible advertising from within the industry, some have legal powers as well. They also liase with government enforcement agencies. Getting a letter to your national SRO is important.
How: To find the contact details for the SRO in your country visit:

You should provide copies of your correspondence with the Intercable + a letter (in your own words) explaining if/how you feel mislead. Make it clear that you are filing a Cross Border Complaint

Specific note for Czech readers
stopECG are aware that Intercable Verlag have taken Czech victims to court This information is not relevant in any other country

Read more in this very detailed Czech Newspaper article Czech companies in dispute with Intercable verlag should contact JUDr Josef Benes He is a Czech lawyer who himself fell victim (mentioned in the article) who is actively trying to find other Czech victims in order to instigate criminal proceeding against Intercable

Site for Czech readers Click flag for a Czech language forum on Intercable.

Details on this company

In Common with most of the Guides featured on this website, Intercable runs a Link Farm (Removed, still in Google Cache 13 Jun 2005) (Runs a News Archive, see

When examined in 14th June 2005 the link farm websites resolved to 3 different IPs.
Hosted by:
Lerchenstr. 14
D-80995 Muenchen
Hosted by:
InQuent Technologies Inc.
150 York St, Suite 1900
ON M5H 3S5
Hostpoint GmbH
Zuercherstrasse 2
CH-8640 Rapperswil

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