The Nigerian or 419 Scam

Operation Zero Emails

Posted Oct 2003

The exact purpose of these emails remains unclear

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The Email below has been widely distributed in Late October 2003. We really do not know what the sting is, it could be that fees will be demanded from those already duped on the promise of recovering their money. Perhaps it is a means of identifying rival 419 scammers in a turf war, or maybe some other motive exists. One thing is certain, this is not from the Nigerian Government. Operation Zero does not exist.

The Advice is not to reply, these people are criminals and any information you give may assist them.

Sample letter, received 28th October 2003

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dr Ray Adams" <>
To: <email@witheld>
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 3:34 PM
Subject: Beware Of Fraudsters

To Whom It May Concern

We refer to the above subject.
Recently, a technical committe was set up by the government of the day to look into, and recommend possible measures to redeem the fraud ridden image of Nigeria in the international business community and thier reports gave birth to this department.Operation Zero have been commicssioned to investigate, treat and conclude in an accelarated hearing on genuinely reported cases of advance fee fraud under the crimainal code " 419" of our constitution on un-suspecting foreigners overseas, who either recently or in the past have fallen prey to local fraudsters under the pretence of payments of over-invoiced government contracts, transfer of money from a late expertraite bank account (Next Of kin), transfer of money belonging to an ex-African prsident and many more frivorious story lines into their accounts.

We have concluded a master list of suspected persons without an feasible means of livelyhood and no record of taxpayment so far, but are living a life of affulence. We also have several telephone conversations as retrieved from the archieves of our international gateway (The Nigerian Telecommunication Plc) but can not conclude by law without substancial eveidence to nail them for good. In our quest to archieve our objective of office, our acquintance with you through this media is based on enlighting the populace of our good will intention to forestale confidence in the course of administering the rule of law in our present democratic dispensation, and also to encourage foreign participation in the sphere of legitimate financial mutual benefitting busines developemnt.Tweleve prime office judges have been commissioned to hear and conclude reported cases in record time. In helping us to establish a good case, an investigating criminologist would be assaigned to treat your case after which the under listed have been made available as exhibits through this media.

1. Copies of formats sent to you from Nigeria i.e Intro Letters, Approval papers & others.

2. Names, address, telephone & fax numbers of local contact(s) in Nigeria.

3. Evidence of all payments made so far ( Confirmable payment slips, Transfer documentations from your bank, copies of cheque(s) (stubs) and total sum paid so far with dates.

4. Dates, addresses of venues whee physical contacts with the local contact have been established.

5. Detailed cost of all trips made so far in the course of this transaction.

This committe have unanimously resolved the following wavers in the trus spirit of resoluting a better impresion as above stated.

1. All reported cases would be treated with maximum confidentaility without fear or favour inrespective of the local(s) involved in this act.

2. All monies recovered in the course of this investigationm would be refunded to the original owner(s) within 48 hours of judgement in favour, without local tax charges.

3. Extracts of case judgement would be made availble for you confidence immediately a competent court concludes.

4. State pardon have been granted on all foreigners duped under this guise and would be be used as crown withness and well represented by a government attorney.

Once more, we are re-assuring you of our good office use being the culmination of this excursion. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this notification as an awareness drive if this is news to you and should you have fallen victim of this subject, your soonest response through this media would facilitae the begining of a new era in cleansing our society of these local miscreants.

Awaiting to hear from you.

Sincere regards
For: Operation Zero
Dr Ray Adams
Head Of Operations

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