Swiss Article names the man behind the guides!

10th September 2005

The Second article by Christian Bütikofer in Switzerland's Tages-Anzeiger Newspaper makes some important disclosures. The Article is in German, Translated below.

The man behind the global address book swindle.

He is known as the "grey eminence" as he controls the "Business Address book swindle". Research shows: Another firm is under his influence.

Is it conceit or North German humour? Meinolf Ludenbach (Correct Spelling Meinolf Lüdenbach), born in Hamburg, passionate visitor to bull fights named the two most important Swiss firms in the construction of his address book swindle industry using a variation of his own first name: Maiwolf Holding (in St. Gallen) and Maiwolf Management (in Zug). The Holding company is controlled from Barcelona, Lüdenbach's present domicile. Maiwolf's subsidiaries Novachannel, Premium Recovery and Ovag International have, after many years, come under the scrutiny of the Swiss law enforcement agencies on account of their business practices (Tages-Anzeiger Wednesday): The state secretary for Economy's office (SECO) has filed a criminal complaint for unfair business practices.

Further companies in the Canton Zug
Meinolf Lüdenbach's companies operate from Switzerland a dubious business with entries in trade directories. The application forms generally give the impression that the entry is free of charge. However when the form is filled in and signed it becomes a "contract" for the entry extending over several years. The cost of nearly 1000 Euros per year bears no relation to the usefulness of the entry. Those who do not pay are harassed by Lüdenbach's own debt collecting companies.

Most likely the investigation will soon concentrate on a further company of the Lüdenbach empire Intercable Verlag of Hünenberg, Zug. Maiwolf Management is at the same address. Intercable boss Adrian Wittmer reports also to Lüdenbach's Spanish headquarters. Before Wittmer took the helm, Adam Krbalek was in change, we find him now in Novachannel, Germany, while Gust Eugster, in on the board, just as in Novachannel Switzerland and audits the accounts with his company Datarevisa.

Convicted public trustee as founder
Intercable Verlag is, according to research of the Tages-Anzeiger, the oldest known of Lüdenbach's Swiss address book swindle companies. As with Novachannel, Intercable Verlag is active worldwide. Its special area of activity seems to be Eastern Europe. Like Novachannel, Intercable Verlag tries, using the most expensive lawyers, in other countries with unconventional methods to bring to court business people who try to defend themselves.

The Tages-Anzeiger is aware of a case in the Czech Republic where an incompletely translated "contract" between Intercable Verlag and a Czech business was presented in court. Among the omissions was the passage "free listing" I.e. the indication that the entry was free of charge.

He who plans something dubious meets others of his own kind. It is thus no co-incidence that a public trustee from Zug who was convicted in the year 2000 to serve many years in prison for various crimes was a founding father of Intercable Verlag.

By Christian Bütikofer

Translated from Tages-Anzeiger Saturday 10th September 2005

copyright tamedia AG

Have you worked for Ludenbach or do you know him? If so we need to talk! You can communicate with StopECG anonymously, please Email. If you feel your information may assist the criminal investigation, please go direct to the Lucerne police, their number is 0041 412 488 117

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