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6th Feb 2006 Austrian Schutzverband Take Legal Action Against Construct Data (Fairguide)
3rd Feb 2006 New Warning ECG, New Trading Names Industrie En Handel 2006 / Commerce Et Industrie 2006
2nd Feb 2006 New Warning EU Company Directory Trading From Utrecht, Netherlands
26th Jan 2006 Daily Mirror Article Exposes Meinolf Lüdenbach + includes Photo
28th Dec 2005 5th Newspaper Article Discussing DAD and Director Inga Kruskop
15th Nov 2005 Launch of The stopECG Blog!
31st Oct 2005 4th Newspaper Article Discussing Ovag International AG ad CEO Frank E. Dohms
24th Sep 2005 3rd Newspaper Article Names Silvio Vogt + offers more info on Meinolf Lüdenbach
10th Sep 2005 2nd Newspaper Article Names Meinolf Lüdenbach as The man behind the guides
6th Sep 2005 SECO Press Release Police Raids on Premium/Ovag/Novachannel
6th Sep 2005 Newspaper Article begins to expose who is behind the guides
19th Aug 2005 Council Regulation (EC) No. 44/2001 Updated notes on threats to use this law
8th June 2005 WARNING: New Batch of potentially misleading ECG contracts
3rd March 2005 Development: Dirty Tricks against opposition sites ( /
26th Nov 2004 WARNING: Classified Information 2005 ~ Telefax-Company-Register
29th Oct 2004 StopECG article The Link Farm Game
23rd August 2004 UK Office Of Fair Trading Updated position regarding ECG
23rd July 2004 ECG start new Mailout of potentially misleading Contracts
30th March 2004 The ECG moves to Valencia
19th Feb 2004 The Arrival of Gravis Inkasso Gmbh
8th Jan 2004 The Arrival of Premium Recovery AG
18th Oct 2003 StopECG wins Trademark Dispute
9th Sep 2003 European City Guide Closed and Fined for 'Decietful Advertisng'

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